I'd recommend the bunting ( I love it! ), the baby record book, and I love the baby cards. Babies babies babies lol and wedding invites. 

I personally love when stuff can be personalized and I like to buy stuff like that.






Cards and other items are unlike any others that you can buy. Prices are very competitive. Emma is very accomodating in designing whatever you need. She makes herself available to suit the customer and always puts so much time and thought into her creations. 





Beautiful hand crafted stationary and gift cards that are created with love. bettyandbarbara has been a lovely addition to my business, the cards especially compliment my style perfectly and my customers always comment positively about them. The added bonus is getting to sit down with Emma over coffee and chat about our lives while selecting my order personally





Emma's products are creative, charming and made with love. I like to buy gifts from local artists instead of chain stores, and I really appreciate the personal touches and ability to order bespoke pieces.